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Wednesday, August 24, 2016  
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This program is for parents with children attending the following schools:

All Saints School
Archbishop Moeller High School
Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy 
Sycamore Community Schools
Ursuline Academy

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Parent-to-Parent Program

Parent-to-Parent is a DVD-based program for parents who are challenged with raising kids in today's Toxic Culture. It is aimed at parents of children of all ages. This unique approach is facilitated by parents with parents. The program provides parents with a "toolkit" of specific, practical ideas that can be implemented immediately. It is designed to bring parents together for the purpose of helping their children through the challenging journey to adulthood. The program's goal is to unlock the power of parents and empower them to become the most effective prevention tool ever devised: the committed and informed parent. The program creates confident parents capable of guiding young people around the influences of today’s Toxic Culture.

Parent-to-Parent gives parents permission to be parents … not buddies with their children. The advantage of that realization is that they lose their fear of setting boundaries for their own children. The value comes when they realize that their life goal is no longer raising a child …it is raising a responsible adult.

Parent-to-Parent can be taught in modules or in a one-day training. It addresses core issues like alcohol and other drugs, sex, and violence (bullying/cyber-bullying). This DVD-based program contains sessions dealing with the following:

Put Yourself in the Way
  • The power of the Toxic Culture on children
  • Four things :Parents can do today to protect their children
Awareness Is Your Best Friend
  • Signs and symptoms of a healthy child and an unhealthy child
  • How would a Parent know the difference
Remember the Difference
  • There is a difference between a child and an adult and an adolescent is neither one
  • Teaches use of trust as a tool to develop good character
Expect and Inspect
  • 11 Ways to raise a Toxic Child
  • The Importance of a positive belief system
Never Trust the Net
  • Why and how the Internet is the marketing “arm” of the Toxic Culture
  • Managing the Internet in your home
Traps to Avoid
  • Discussion of the seven common traps Parents fall into with children
  • The importance of a dream
Lessons Learned about Drugs and Alcohol
  • What’s wrong with alcohol and other drugs?
  • Why do kids use alcohol and other drugs?
  • How would I know?
  • How can I prevent it?
  • What if prevention doesn’t work?
The Parent-to-Parent program is a project of the Northeast Community Challenge Coalition. This prevention program is being launched within our communities by the Parent Sector Committee, which represents the following schools: 
  • Archbishop Moeller High School
  • Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy
  • Ursuline Academy
  • Sycamore High School
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